Randall Klein: Early Reading Mastery

From Randall Klein: 

I earned my advanced degree in early reading instruction from the University of Preschool. The Pre-K, Kindergarten and at-risk first grade children I worked with were my professors. They revealed to me what they needed to learn and when they were ready for it. This product and information catalog represents what my “professors” taught me about teaching young children to read.

My contribution to the field of early reading instruction is a well-defined sequence of skills and practice activities that allow a child to move successfully toward early reading mastery. This sequence is my guide to knowing where the individual child is in his understanding of the reading process and what he needs to work on next.

The materials I have created incorporate the sequence, structure and hands-on success young children need to achieve reading success. The highlighted text throughout the catalog is an abbreviated description of the sequence of recommended beginning reading skills I teach in my lectures, workshops and in-service presentations.

It is my desire to create a heightened awareness of the need for systematic, explicit and developmentally appropriate reading instruction for Pre-K, Kindergarten and at-risk learners. With sequence and structure and hands-on materials, we can dramatically increase the reading readiness of children before they enter first grade and thus drastically reduce the instances of reading failure among first graders.

Listen closely to the little ones you teach and care for each day; they are trying to tell you what they need and how they need to learn it. They are teaching you.

 You can access the material mentioned in the interview, and find out more about Randall and Early Reading Mastery here:  http://earlyreadingmastery.com